Project Requirements

This project is a big mile stone for Clear Climate and the North East of England. Network Rail is the very first project to have a Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF system designed and installed. This new innovation from Mitsubishi has a dual BC Controller which converts the medium of Refrigerant to Water meaning all of the secondary pipework is filled with water reducing the amount of refrigerant within the system.

As this is the first one designed and installed in the North East we had to attend additional training from the manufacturer to comply with the new installation requirements of this new system.

Project Summary

At Clear Climate we are at the forefront of innovation and technology and are always looking to implement new and improved technologies and solutions where we can. To secure this project was a great achievement for the company and a great honour to the first company leading the way to supply, install and commission one of these systems.
Going into the Carbon neutral future technologies are only going to improve and this shows Clear Climate are happy to be and board, promote and to undertake any and all training required to ensure we are leading the industry.