Clear Climate are specialists in Air Conditioning and the HVAC sector. We are always looking to introduce new innovative products and technologies into the Built Environment: we have a dynamic and expanding team with deep expertise in HVAC and a strong awareness and respect for the environment and cost implications of everything we do.
Our works and projects range across the whole of the UK, covering all sectors of the commercial offering from Hotels, Offices, Retail, Data Centres, Chilled Water and Heat Recovery Ventilation. Our qualified and knowledgeable staff understand todays ever changing market and aim to provide a sustainable solution which will not only be cost effective but future proof for years to come.



  • Efficiency increases: It has been found by research that in the comfort conditions the working capacity of the human beings increases. If the room temperature is very high, not all the heat from the body is released and the person feels uncomfortable from deep within that causes irritation of mind and lack of concentration. The person also tends to get tired fast in hot temperatures. At the comfort conditions created by the AC, the person feels peaceful from deep inside and is able to work more. The clean air further helps human beings perform more work.
  • Better health: The air conditioner helps circulate filtered air inside the room or office. This air is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, microorganisms, bacteria etc. Due to this healthy environment is created inside the room and the health of person is improved.
  • Less noise: The windows of the air conditioned rooms and offices are closed, due to this less outside sound enters the rooms. Even the noise from the air-conditioners is very low. Due to this there is quietness inside the rooms, which gives soothing sleep at night and also maintains peace inside the hospitals and theaters. The noise inside the air conditioned room can be further reduced by soundproofing the room.
  • Fresh air: The fresh air can be taken inside the air-conditioned room at any time merely by opening the door or windows. Fresh can also be taken in by the blower of the air-conditioner.



  • Our specialist team of Engineers and Contracts Managers provide a wide range of tailored Air Conditioning & Comfort Cooling solutions to our clients and customers across the UK & Ireland.
  • As well as providing the initial solution to the problem, we aim to continue to provide a incomparable service to our clients long after the installation is complete, by offering comprehensive Service and Maintenance management agreements to ensure the systems continue running efficiently and effectively for their full life span.
  • We provide the highest level of customer service and are always willing to ensure the service we provide is first class from the very first meetings to the final commissioning and continued long into servicing the equipment.